Catalyst: Stories of Awakening


ISBN: 978-0-9803867-1-4
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Awaken Your Senses…

Several unsuspecting people are about to have their lives changed forever.

Kate, the confident Domina, steps into a realm which she feels is so familiar, yet upon meeting Asher, a wicked sensual Dom, Kate’s whole world is turned upside down. Rhiannon, the unmistakable party girl, vivacious and impulsive, is quickly tamed to purr like a kitten. GG, the ex-stripper is possessed by a desire, but there would be no dancing for her except with the devil. And Sir Victor, a powerful debonair man whose presence has far reaching effects, further than anyone will ever know!

Through these stories of awakening, you will discover situations you thought existed only in your fantasies. Let your voyeur run free through this dark underground scene and watch each person’s journey unfold, as their worlds collide and indelibly entwine.

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