"Yarns of Birrumbulla"

If only the walls could talk

Discover the mysteries and adventures

that make up the tapestry of a typical old Aussie homestead.

As you build your collection, each set of letters sent to you will help unravel the whole story.

Uncover how many lives, secrets, and mysteries make up the richness that is the

Birrumbulla Tales.

Unlike any other collection subscription to date, Birrumbulla Tales  will fill your month with yarns to fill your heart.

In each packet, delivered to your letter box, episodes reveal events that help shape the richness of family.

Supported by mementos and other communication documents, these epistolary novels are full of journeys and mysteries,

sewing together a patchwork of life.


First collection to discover:

"The Tack Room Adventure"

07 Tack Room Adventure




Nearing midnight of the first day of 1981.

Exhausted from a week of shearing scruffy bush weathers, the last thing Angus Keogh wanted to do was drive into town to collect some hopeless city chick off the bus. No time to change, let alone shower, she’d just have to put up with the stench of him.

Tired from travelling since lunch time, Susan Armstrong was in no mood for the unpredictable temperature, nor for the grumpy yobbo sent to fetch her. It was annoying enough to be suddenly farmed out to help strangers, the six hour train and bus trip did her recovering state no favours. That’d be the last time she’d party before travelling half way across the state! And, bloody hell, she forgot her diary!

Where will this journey end ... and who with?

ADGray is an author and poet. She resides with her kelpies and moggies in the Australian city of Melbourne, but her heart has always been up the bush!



Anthea – A cracker of a story! I really enjoyed it and found it so hard to put down!


Ainslie   – I can’t wait for each instalment! I need to know what will happen next!


Andrea – Just when I think I know how the story is going, along comes something way out of left field and it makes the story much more interesting.


Jess – I love how you write. From the first page I am hooked, and you leave me wanting more.

Author Reviews:

Ainslie Holmes:

“AD Gray’s writing is imaginative, intriguing, wonderfully written, and insightful. It takes you through a range of emotions and is a bloody good read. It is also informative and makes you ask yourself questions about how you could be better and how to make the world a better place. Her writing has ebbs and flows that take you through a range of emotions and on a really wild ride. It gives you a chance to see a different perspective. It fills you with joy and sadness, laughter and happiness. It also leaves you hanging, wanting to know more. The characters are real with real emotions and a real life. These letters give you a look into a time and place, and people‘s lives and the adventures that we could only wish to have done.”

Karen Russo:

“I love how you write. With just a message you can make it into something special and interesting to read, you can take me back in time, relive special times in our lives, magical stories, even reminding me of favourite foods we had, you write about them so well I can almost taste the goodies. Then you can shift to family history with ease and the love it provided us. Over the years you have written words that inspire me to keep going, look at the situation from a different angle or just loving, caring words. You just have the knack of throwing words together and making them interesting to read. Poems and words of comfort are a favourite of yours, that I love to read. You inspire me to look up words for the meaning and everything you write seems to come easy, although it seems so technical, you make it look/sound easy. Keep going, I’ll be reading your words as long as you keep writing them.”

Reviews from her debut novel, “Terang Trouble” :


“A light hearted, thoroughly enjoyable read with unexpected twists and turns throughout the adventure. I didn’t want to put it down especially towards the end. Can’t wait for the sequel!”

– Anthea Christian.


“Great work! You had me hooked from the beginning. I just had to read it all last night, I had to know what happened (great build-up of suspense!) I was late to a gathering because I just had to finish reading it! Keep up the fantastic work. I can’t wait until your next masterpiece!”

– Sarah Donoghue.