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Trenwick House Publishing celebrated ten years in December of 2016, and as we journey into the next decade, we are excited to bring you new strategies and directions as we grow.

In early 2013, we embarked on a project that resulted in the establishment of a new imprint; La Bouche Books. From the lips of those within the lifestyle, it’s a refreshing new take on publishing artists. The motto of La Bouche Books is To Change the Face of Publishing. To learn more, visit

This project led us to develop a tiered approach to our structure. Trenwick House Publishing becomes the encompassing entity with the various imprints sitting under its umbrella. In line with this new structure, we look forward to launching Trenwick Books to handle the current titles under the Trenwick House Publishing banner, an updated face with a trusted name.

Trenwick House Publishing will be the interim host of the shopping cart to sell physical copies of all titles generated under its banner. This is most prevalent when we plan our pre-release deals. Once titles are officially released, they will then be available through online channel partners for both print and electronic versions of the title.

Encourage - Develop – Publish

Trenwick House Publishing, and its imprints, will maintain the Encourage-Develop-Publish philosophy that Trenwick House Publishing has always strived to achieve.

Encourage the writer. This can be done by a variety of means, including, but not limited to; email, forums and writer's groups. The encouragement may be in the form of advice, comments on a piece of writing, or by putting them in contact with other people in their area that can help.

Develop the piece. By offering a range of editorial and assessment services, the writer's work can be brought up to a publishable standard.

Publish the product. We offer the chance for the writer to get their work published without having to worry about ISBNs or barcodes.